1. Wall-Four works

Contact: bethappleton@me.com

Among other works, these four assemblages were featured as part of an art and science educational exhibition of Appleton’s work hosted by the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve Center in Eastpoint, Florida. The artist created a book to accompany this event which became a guide to inform about important micro lifeforms in our waters and the world around us. To view pages and to read about the inspiration behind these works, please follow this link.

View slideshow of details from works on Exhibit Wall #1:

  • Allegro, detail © B.Appleton
  • Rising Tide, detail, © B.Appleton
  • Eclipse, Detail, © B.Appleton
  • The Passage, detail, © B.Appleton
  • The Passage © B.Appleton

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