Videos for the Apalachicola Museum of Art Exhibit

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“I love that I can make movies with my computer! This tool allows me to combine all the art forms I enjoy like photography, micro-work, cut paper assemblage, video, and even audio; all linked together in one cohesive place. For the two movies you see below, I have worked with pianist and friend, Jody Thomas. Jody’s amazing melodies weave in and out of the images in such a magical way, allowing us to enjoy a wonderful artistic collaboration. Vocalist and friend, Velma Frye, has kindly given me permission to use a song she wrote inspired by my art; this is such nice honor. It is called “Cut Paper Assemblage” and you can hear a version of her song in the children’s movie below, Cut and Paste a Scrapfish”. Both these movies have been prepared as part of an upcoming exhibition to open soon at the Apalachicola Museum of Art. I hope you will enjoy them!”

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