Digital Assemblages

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Digital Assemblages:  new tool, new media

  • "Waterscape I", Micro-digital Assemblage, B. Appleton
  • "Waterscape II", Micro-digital Assemblage, B. Appleton
  • "Waterscape III", Micro-digital Assemblage, B.Appleton
  • "Waterscape IV", Micro-digital Assemblage, B.Appleton", Micro-digital Assemblage, B.Appleton
  • "Waterscape V", Micro-digital Assemblage, B.Appleton", Micro-digital Assemblage, B.Appleton

A microscope inspires new works! Digital assemblages are created by combining hundreds of micrographic images collected by the artist. Although their appearance is abstract, these waterscapes realistically depict tiny life forms and environments discovered within one drop of water from Apalachicola Bay.Read more about digital works...

“I am not striving to duplicate this experience as a scientist might, rather as an artist given the freedom to create. The Gulf of Mexico holds such treasures trapped inside her tide pools! From diatoms to the lifeforms I am only beginning to know by name, I stay inspired.”

Digital works are available for purchase as reproductions on canvas: 

Virtually manipulated, the original only exists in the digital world but reproductions are beautifully printed on the finest Giclee’ canvases available. Each image above is offered in one size:  24″ x 24″ Giclee Canvas: $325 plus Florida sales tax and shipping.

Please contact to view larger images.
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