Documenting “Sea Hag”

Welcome! This is my journal of “Sea Hag”, a piece currently in progress. As I work on it in my studio, I’ll also document here by sharing images, video and some thoughts along the way. I’m also documenting this work on my Facebook Artist Page at Beth Appleton, Cut Paper Assemblages. Join me there!

# 1. March 24, 2020: Like many artist friends, I’m isolating in my studio today, working on a new piece already titled, “Sea Hag”. I know this one will be ambitious. “She” has been percolating in my mind’s eye, calling and sometimes screeching out to me for almost two years now. It’s high time to let this water creature out! When completed, “Sea Hag” will become a companion piece to “The Diatomist”, a work completed in 2018. One day, they will hang together, side by side. I hope to document this cut paper assemblage along the way and will post as the work progresses. You can tell the size of it by my sandaled feet so wish me luck! I have started by painting a background with watercolor paints and am now in the process of adding a bit of detail. More sharing soon!

I also want to take this time to thank you for your connection. We are all now living in difficult, unusual times. I hope if you’ve found your way to this page, it will enlighten or entertain as you find new ways for healthy escape. If you are out in the world helping to keep us fed, deliver goods, care for, protect, or you are making hard community decisions on our behalf at this time…my deepest gratitude goes to you and your families. Thank you. My best wishes to you all, Beth

#2. March 29, 2020: Since my last post, I’ve moved ahead to create a nice variety of dimensional paper forms. Most are made from a rainbow of painted papers and some are repurposed from prints, all shaped from the same heavy watercolor paper I use for my works. When detailed, most of the printed letters and images will be hidden (can you find that little fish?) but they’ll help to make a strong foundation. I won’t use them all; some will end up in future works. Here they are, all piled together but one day soon I’ll start arranging them to design the siren’s figure. Thanks to all who follow; it’s fun to take you along on my art journey this evening. I wish you all a good night.

Past Journal entries:

January, 2020

Work in progress: “It’s a New Year!”, Watercolor/Cut Paper Assemblage,  11″ x 14″

Nothing on this little piece in progress is nailed down yet except for the quarter moon; it is helping to anchor all my scattered parts and pieces. This work is still full of possibility, potential—change. Today when I accidentally cut off some star points, I noticed those seem to shine even brighter in the night’s sky. To all who see this post, I send good cheer and happy wishes in this brand new year ahead. I wish you one full of hope, inspiration and serendipitous outcomes! ~Beth Appleton

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