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Works available for purchase: updated June 24, 2020.

“Scrapfish: Sunfish”  
20″ x 28″
This bright watercolor/cut paper work is a lively example of the “Scrapfish” series and is currently available. Below is a short mini film about creating this piece:

“This is my first Micro Short Film! It’s a two minute experiment about the making of the cut paper assemblage titled Sunfish. Learning to play with the photographic time-lapse feature was creative fun and it’s now my pleasure to share.”
–Beth Appleton

Three new 11″x 14″ cut paper assemblages are now available:
Muddy Waters, 11″ x 14″ Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. 

Son House, 11″ x 14″ Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300.

Pom Palms, 11″ x 14″ Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. Sold
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About the Small Works Series:  
Each 11″ x 14″ work is a one of a kind original watercolor/cut paper assemblage created by the artist and offered for $300. These works are intended to reflect light hearted tropical moods, rich colors, and explore new ideas. Proven popular in size as well as affordability, each work is a “one of a kind” cut paper assemblage.  If you are interested in acquiring a small work please contact  bethappleton@me.com and bookmark this page to view ongoing works for sale.

Artist statement:
 When working on a piece this size, I feel as if I am taking a vacation without ever leaving the studio. It makes me happy to know that many people feel transported, too. These pieces evoke iconic themes I have repeated for years yet each  is special, reinvented anew. I only have time to create a few of these pieces a year; the ones you see here are part of a very limited body of work.
All works are created using 100% archival materials. As each piece is completed, it is triple matted in white, protected under UV plexiglass and then presented in a quality white wood frame. The final matted and framed piece measures 11” x 14”. The art work inside the three tiered white matts measures 5” x 8”.
Individual or groupings of small works are shipped professionally after payment is received. You will be notified via email with the expected arrival time for your delivery. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed upon arrival.
 For one 11” x 14” watercolor/cut paper piece: $300. + $25 shipping. There is a 7% Florida sales tax added to the price if the work is shipped to a Florida address. If shipped out of state, no Florida sales tax will be required.

Shipping and Florida sales tax are not included in listed prices.

Below you will see some examples of past works which are now placed. Each piece is a unique one-of-kind original work.
“It’s a New Year!” 11″ x 14″ Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. Sold

“Yonder Pond” 11″x 14″  Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. Sold

“Beach Day” 11″x 14″  Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. Sold

“Palmera”  11″x 14″  Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300. Sold

“The Day It Rained” 11″x 14″ Watercolor/Cut Paper $300. Sold

“Squall Line” 11″x 14″  Watercolor/Cut Paper  $300 Sold

This page will update as works are sold and others become available. If you are interested in purchasing a work of art please email the artist at bethappleton@me.com for further information.

Released works:
Four works, “Midnight Tango”, “Street Vendors: Ocho Rios”, “Dining at Rosada’s” and “Cafe Brasil” have now been released from permanent collection and are available for purchase. For higher quality images or more details about these special works, please contact the artist:

1. “Midnight Tango”,
26″x 34″  

Midnight Tango-©B.Appleton

Midnight Tango, 34″x 26″, Cut Paper Assemblage, B.Appleton

Created in 1997, this cut paper assemblage exemplifies an earlier figurative series. Exhibited frequently, this piece and the works below influenced many honors while representing the body of work nationwide. As a first place award winner during the Sausalito Art Festival, “Midnight Tango” was chosen to represent this respected California annual event. Well traveled, these lively pieces are now available for a permanent home. Each were influenced by travels and reflect the colors and the spirit of the adventure

2. “Street Vendors, Ocho Rios”, (Jamaica), 26″x 34″  $4800.

3.”Dining at Rosada’s”,
(Guatemala), 26″x 34″  $4800.

4.Cafe Brasil, Between Sets”, (New Orleans)26″x 34″  $4800.

Thank you for your visit. More works to be posted here soon!


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